My Laboratory and Speaking’ Exams Schedule


The final exam is just really close. Ck. I just can’t expect that it’ll be this closer. Well, here I am, in the 12th grade of senior high school and fortunately, it’s the last semester before i graduate then take a college.

Yeah, this morning my friends were about busy talking the practice exams’ schedule -Indonesian people usually say that, but if you don’t know what it is, let’s say it a laboratory and speaking’ exam- which is already stick on the announcement board. And I don’t know how was my feeling when heard that. It seems like ‘THIS IS THE TIME!’ for beginning the journey.

Here it is my ‘lovely’ schedule, it’ll started in this MONTH anyway..


Monday, February 21

Biology –> Oh great, I should started the laboratory exam with biology. I must specialize about the content of protein, carbohidrat, and vitamin C inside the food, the content of oxigen by making experiment with Hydra, and many others. I love biology experiment, but not the experiment report. -__-“

Tuesday, February 22

Chemistry –> Seems like I must specialize some experiment like titration and others. Because, I won’t know before I got in the laboratory and take a piece of paper which is decided about the experiment that I get. But, chemistry experiment is the most favorite one! It’s fun when we observe the reaction of some liquid, and its color changed. Wonderful!

Wednesday, February 23

Physics –> Physics experiment is the most annoying thing when I’m in the laboratory. It’s fun while we play the utensils. But, it’s annoying when we have to take a note and repeat the experiment for many times. Moreover, we have to write down the formulas and get the conclusion in numbers. How annoying it is for me! Oh crap, I must begin to specialize this too. -__-

Thursday, February 24

Foreign Language, I take Chinese Language, Mandarin –> My Laoshi -teacher- is changed. My friends and I haven’t been teaching yet by the new Laoshi. It seems like we don’t know what we should do in this exam. Sing, speech, dialogue or just answer questions in Chinese, we just don’t have any idea about that. Oh crap. -__-

Friday, February 25

ICT  –> ICT means I must face some kind of computer’s programs, such as Excel, Power Point, Macromedia Flash, etc. I should have to know the formulas of Excel, how to make a great Power Point Presentation, the steps for making animations, the ways of creating websites or blogs and many others. And pity me, I don’t understand about both creating animations and websites -__-

Saturday, February 26

Javanese –> My traditional language. Oh it’s bad. I’m not that good at this subject, even though I’m from Java. But, Javanese isn’t that easy as its likes. Hope, it’s not about singing the traditional song a.k.a nembang .__.

Thursday-Friday, March 3-4

Art and Culture –> Art and Culture, in this case, I take Graphic Design. It’s quite easy I think. Usually, the teacher asked the student to create a poster which has a theme that the teacher decided. I must try my best!

Monday, March 7

English Speaking –> Well, I’m not about getting so worried. But, i should have to pratice my speech in front of the audience, because I think, this English speaking is specially tested the ability of speech and the fluently of using English grammar and pronounciation. I hope I will be great. Ganbatte kudasai!


Tuesday, March 8

Indonesian –> My mother’ language. Not so difficult, but not too easy either. I should have a speech in this exam. Well, it wouldn’t be difficult, but I must use the correct structure of Indonesian grammar or we usually called EYD (Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan), and that’s the difficult things : How to use the correct grammar without say ‘eee..‘ or ‘emm..‘ that’s the thing which should be note.

Wednesday, March 9

Sport, Physical Exercise –> Sport is my favorite! It is about under ring (basketball), front and back roll, serve (volley ball), long jump, etc. Sport is always enjoyable!


Thursday, March 10

Islam –> This is about recitation of Al Qur’an, the fluently of reading Al Qur’an, daily prayer, prayer movement, and ablution. I love my religion sooooo much!


See? This month will be the looongest month, ever. I hope this would be started and ended soon, before I realized it.  Haha. Later, if the schedule of writing exam is already stick on the board too, I’ll post it too. Then, wish me luck guys! 😀



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