When A Student Meets Math

Hello Math, how’s life? Hope, you didn’t connected with those kind of unusual confusing formulas again. Well, I just wanna ask you then, would you like to cooperate with me this sunny morning? I wish you would. Please being submissive, okay? I’m counting on you, Math. Don’t ever let my trust go away. Thanks before.. ^^’

LOL. I found those pictures when I was searching a picture for this post. Actually, it’s my status FB long time ago, when I was going to have a mathematics exam.

Haha. Seemed like I was stressed and depressed yea? Such a “GALAU” feeling (this word is really popular now on -__-“).

My friend said, “Actually, mathematics is easy, before the alphabets joined.” And all my friends who heard that said, “You’re right!” “Exactly!” “LOL, that’s funny, but that’s right!” They said their agreement, so did I. How about you? Do you have a story about math is myth or anything?

In spite of those myth, to be honest, mathematics is fun. No matter what people said about it, in my deepest heart, I’ve ever loved math soooo much more than anyone else. (I’m a kind of being too much a.k.a lebay. Doh.) Maybe I should have to find the interesting side of math when I learnt it, so i would say (again, like years ago) that mathematics is so easy. Well then, I just really wish that’s so. T.T

I love to find cartoon pictures! Yay! 😀


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