A Thousand Miles Away

Miles takes us apart. It’s just for a while, but like forever. Wondering.. ‘Are you okay there?’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Do you spend you days with your friends?’ ‘Where are you now?’ And another curiosity questions that cross my mind. Feels like being much protected and curious, day by day.

Once in a day, the same question crosses my mind.. It is.. ‘even once, do you miss me?’ while I’m always thinking about you, praying for your days, wishing you the best and.. Me miss you badly anyway.

Worried. Every time your text doesn’t appear in my phone, even for a day. Addictive. Yes, you are. There is a feeling of discomfort if I don’t know your daily activities. Worried. Much more.. Don’t ask why. Seriously.

A thousand miles away.. Ah, such a pain. The feeling of missing you is getting bigger and stronger. I can not enjoy my days. For sure. My phone is the only thing that can not be taken away from me, because texting is our way to know the other doing. For a whole day. Phone makes me and you close, like no miles between us.

For a while, you’re going far away from me. Like years, I’m waiting for you to come back.. Miss you like crazy.

Wrote this, days ago, while I was doing nothing.

Miss you, no more. Welcome back, welcome home. It’s been a while.. Ah, glad to see you again. Best Friend.

A thousand miles away.. In connotation or denotation? I will let you–readers to make a suggestion. ;))

-mutiara tita-

Yogyakarta, Januari 2012

half fiction, half non fiction

represent it by yourself,

whatever it is, there is no true or false.


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