Me.. Turning 19, Now!

Well.. It’s not a bit late anymore to post about my birthday, but IT IS TOO LATE. I know that -_-

Hmm, biggest sorry then. The day was extremely FUN! I will, I promise you, definitely share it by writing like a year ago, take a picture of presents and everything! But.. Not now, because I have to go sleep. It is almost 1 am and I have a class at 9 am. Moreover, I have not done my assignments for pronunciation yet–I have to record my voice, but it is already dawn.

Then.. Ittekimasu! I promise I will update my blog soon. A lot of stories I would like to share. By only 3 weeks, I faced the happiest moment and painful days.. I have to keep struggling rite? So.. Oyasuminasai-minasan! :”


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