MIDTERM Exam of Writing Tutorial Class!

Say hello to midterm’s weeks!

I promise to post about my birthday, even it’s too late, but before I post that, I must upload my writing’s assignments in this blog first. So, I will be uploading 4 articles here, because it’s for my midterm exam. Yap. MIDTERM. Meaning, the 4 following posts will be my writing assignments which has been corrected by her–my writing tutor.

Among of which, I have to pick one to re-write and make it longer. I have to choose one of these following theme : What’s Love?; Superstitions; Indonesian Food; and My Idol. Guess, which one did I choose? Yak! Because almost of my posts are something related to life, love, feeling, and etc, soooo… I picked “What’s Love?” for my longer and lastest post–of course lastest for writing midterm exam.

Actually, everyone has different headline for the “What’s Love?” theme, and mine is.. “Love is Us”, so please wait for me to upload it! 😀

So sorry if my writing does not good enough to be read here. In very short time I have to write a lot, then.. Hopefully, you like it, or at least read it. Biggest thanks guys for being patient and very good readers.. :’)


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