Mukai Osamu, My Super Handsome Idol

Honestly, I admire some people in the world, but I want to tell you about Mukai Osamu now. Mukai Osamu is a Japanese actor who was born in Yokohama, Katagawa, Japan, on 7th February 1982. He is not an usual and ordinary actor, because he is educated. He graduated from Meiji University. That is rare for actors or artists for having a good academic record. Mukai Osamu, nowadays, is very popular. He has been playing so many roles in Japanese TV dramas and movies since 2006. His first main role in Japanese TV drama was Nodame Cantabile. In the drama, he played as a cellist Kikuchi Toru and because of it, he is popular for his trademark smile. The other TV dramas that he played are Attashinchi no Danshi, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Hotaru no Hikari 2 and so on.

I admire him because he has very good talent in acting. In addition, he is absolutely good looking and charming. I dare that every girl will fall for him, even though he is 30 years old now, but his face looks 20 years old for sure! I will show his pictures here later.

I have some of his TV dramas and movies. I collected it since I was in Senior High School. Moreover, because of watching his TV dramas and movies, I begin to have interest in Japanese language and culture. Indeed, Mukai Osamu is my idol, but he is just one of some idols of mine. Perhaps, that is all I can say. Even I want to tell more, but.. It is better if you find it iut by yourself. Mukai Osamu is absolutely definitely HANDSOME!!! 😀


3 thoughts on “Mukai Osamu, My Super Handsome Idol

  1. minjoo says:

    honestly since he casted @nodame i’ve already think that he is such a handsome guy, but he was no one at that time. time.pas by omg he is anywhere, his face damn handsome hahahahhaha.. <3<3 love osamu. never knew he became this BIG you know. has many cm and project offers.

  2. melatipurple says:

    aaahhh tita, nada juga suka sama diaaa…ganteng cuy..hahahaha…jadi inget sama mio chan, huwawawawa…kanen..^^

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