My Favorite Indonesian Foods

Javanese Rendang

I live in Indonesia, so I definitely love Indonesian foods. There are many kinds of Indonesian foods,such as soto, rendang, opor, nasi goreng, rawon, and so on. Each food has different taste, for example, rendang is spicy, rawon is a bit acid, and opor is sweet and salty. The taste of Indonesian foods are unique because Indonesian people use ‘rempah-rempah’ as the ingredients.

Padang Rendang

Oseng-Oseng Tempe

My favorite Indonesian foods are oseng-oseng tempe and rendang which have to be so spicy. Because I really love spicy foods. I can’t handle myself if my mother cooks rendang and oseng-oseng tempe. Nevertheless, I’ve just known that rendang that is cooked by Javanese people has a lot of differences from the real one from Padang. The real rendang from Padang is more brown and the spicy taste is not fron the chili, but I’m sorry I forget from where the spicy taste comes. If I compare them, the color of rendang which is cooked by Javanese people is more red than the real one. However, for me, both of them definitely taste delicious. Moreover, oseng-oseng tempe is the most delicious food ever! Everyone knows it. Thanks God for those delicious foods of Indonesia. Ü


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