What’s Love? For Me, Love is.. Us.

Love is us..

Spending all the times with someone who is special for you is worth to do. Having a conversation without stop with someone special is unforgettable. Knowing that both of you are loving each other is.. priceless.

Love is not only a word. It is only a word if you just say and do not mean it. Love is an act of caring, sharing, having, and belonging. The word caring means you will look after each other like asking for their conditions, helping them to solve their problems, and so on. Moreover, if you do not care anymore, you can not call yourself as their lovers, because love without caring each other is useless. In addition, by sharing each other’s problems, life, and everything, you will become closer and understand each other. You will respect to other’s privacy because you have already known them better. It is not enough, having and belonging are important too. In case you do not feel you have someone special stand by your side, then it means your feeling is nothing at all. It is love when you feel you belong to someone and someone belongs to you. There is a possession, a feeling of owning. In short, your act and word are meant to be a love.

Everyone has their own definition of love. Someone told me that love is air. Someone else said love is God’s gift, but the other stated that love is nothing. All of their definitions are true because their definitions come from their experiences of loving and being loved. Their experiences affects their thought of love, how they describe what love is.

However, for me, the moment when I feel like I find my life by staying on someone else’s side, that’s love. By staying all day long makes me feel complete, that’s love. Definitely being myself when I’m with someone, I think that’s love too. When I feel so grateful because I meet someone who makes a big impact in my life, I also call it love. Hanging on a feeling for very long time can be called as love too. Beside of those meaning of love, for me, the definite and absolute meaning of love is.. us. Yeah, love is us.

Love is us.. There will be no ‘us’ if only you who feel happy, when the other is not. There will be no ‘us’ if only you who care and share. The word ‘us’ appears when both of you have a willing to be together, to share everything together, to through both the happy and bad conditions, to have a commitment, to belong to each other and to love each other eternally. In every minutes you breath, you remember your someone special. In every step you take, you remember that you are important to someone’s life. In every morning you wake up, you feel grateful and worth to live, because someone is waiting for you out there to be with you, to change the word ‘you’ and ‘I’ with.. us.

Love and live your life! Ü


One thought on “What’s Love? For Me, Love is.. Us.

  1. melatipurple says:

    wow, tita..berasa geer getoo, hahahaha, semoga nada bisa jadi salah satu bagian “us” dalam hidup tita, hehehe, eemiin, nagrep versi..^^
    love is you, ..kaya lagunya cherrybelle, hehehe…

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