Close Enough, Far Enough

What Are We?

We are here. We are together. We share laughter. We share happiness. We share sadness. We share everything. We share secrets too, we can’t hide anything from each other. Because we are more than friends, almost best friends, less than lovers, not even a brother-sister, but we are close enough.

You are there, I am here. We are set apart.  I miss you, you don’t. I call you, you don’t answer. I fall for you, you don’t. I need you, you don’t. I text you, you don’t reply. I lose you, you find someone else. I try to reach you, you run away. My heart is locked, you don’t care. Because you see me as no one, but friend. You care, I need more. You text me, I want more. You call me, I always talk much. You need me, I need you the most. You lose me, I always come back to you. You fall for me, I wish you would. Your heart is locked, I wish it is me. That’s us. I can’t even read your mind, nor your heart. I long to you, but I don’t know if only you do too. We are far enough, our hearts.

Could I ask you something? We are close enough, but we are far enough.

What am I to you? Friend, you said. Then, why do you always stick with me? If your heart is opened for me, tell me. Let’s make it clear, Dude. I am waiting for the right one.

So, what are we?

(antara fakta dan fiksi. tenang, semua ada porsinya. curcol? bukan juga. just enjoy. selamat hari blogger nasional!)


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