You have been here almost 2 months. I welcomed you with the warmest smile I’ve ever given. I was definitely happy waiting you to come back here. I had never expected that it was going to be my last, smiling and hugging you. I had never anticipated to lose you this early.

Ya.. Welcome back home. Home you’d stayed for more than 2 years. Home you’d longed since the first meeting. Home you’d missed whenever you were away. Our home.

Did you recognize something in my words? Yes.. I wrote in past sentences. You don’t belong to our home anymore. You are here but you move out from home. You are next to me but you don’t feel like home. I’ve lost you… again.

So, goodbye. Now, I’m leaving when you got home. I will no more welcome you like always. I will no more smile at you like everyday. I will love you, no more. Welcome back to another home. Okaerinasai…


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