First For-Ever

As I promised you before, I am going to write about my best of best friends (read: Best of Best Friends). Here, my first.. Enjoy!


You may think that the title has a romantic side in the story I am gonna share. Nope. You’re wrong. It is definitely not, because it is more than that. It’s all about my fourteen-years-bestfriend . Yes, she is Titis Anggersari.

Titis aka Tisha aka Tisyol

Titis aka Tisha aka Tisyol

Titis, that’s how I have called her since Elementary School. Back then, we were in the same class for 6 years in SD Muhammadiyah Sokonandi Yogyakarta. To be honest, we were not as close as now in the old days. Also, I forgot how we firstly knew each other. Yet, (somehow I can manage to remember) I remember when we started to be close friends. Yes, it was on our 5th grade. Shortly (because I cannot remember much of those stuffs in EC), we separated into different junior high school. I was attended in SMP Negeri 5 Yogyakarta, while she entered SMP Negeri 9 Yogyakarta. However, we could manage to meet up like once every couple of months with other friends.

Well, somehow we started to share our story of life, love and family. It was when we frequently met at Rumah Cokelat on our senior high school time. Again, we chose different school. She was in SMA Negeri 8 Yogyakarta and I was in SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta. Still, we did not lose contact, yet we arranged our mini-reunion every holiday, at least. I realized at the time that we were alike to each other in some personalities. So, that explained why we were close. We are close.

I have known her so long like I knew myself. She has turned to be my important person and family. She is like our own sister. And I absolutely am grateful to meet her since I was seven.

She always wants to do her best in every thing. She often overdoes things and becomes sick. She has a big ego, but she always keeps her feeling well hidden. She wants her friends care for her, yet she also cares about her family more than anything. She is a woman who gets jealous easily, but she is loyal. She sometimes over thinking small things, however she is just easily getting worried. She is a faithful daughter and lovable sister. And yes, she is my first for-ever friend. Thank you.

I am writing this on March 2nd. Why? Because today is special. Today is her birthday. Her special day. So, I gives you this video which in every word of it represents my feeling of you. Hopefully, when you read this post you will not get mad or embarrassed. Because this is how I show you my love. (Aih, am I being too romantic? Hehe)


credit: @LantikaNK

credit: @LantikaNK

May all the good things come after you. May all your wishes be granted. May all your dreams come true. I may not be the first to congratulate you, but I want to give you something special which is.. this post. I dedicate this post just for you. 🙂


Hey, Winnie the Pooh lover. Be better ya. As a person, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, and of course a girlfriend. Be happy and enjoy your days. Don’t be ashamed to tell me everything when you are in need, because I will always be there for you (I cannot promise everytime, but I try my best to be there for you). Be a daughter whom your mother is proud to have. Respect her more, love her more. She needs you like a lot. And.. make sure, you stay awesome, so your father will always smile for you from the upper. Pray for him more. I do too. Make your father proud of you. Okay? Also, be a dependable sister for your lil sister. You are the role model for her. I know that you can not fail, but the important thing is not about the failure, it is about how you can teach ‘how to stand after the fall’. That’s the mission of every big sister in the world, in my version of course. Be good with her, always. Love her more. 🙂

Titis & family

Titis & family

And as old friend, I just want you to be happy. So, please get along well with your boyfriend, Ikrom. From my perspective, he loves you more than you can tell me ‘how much’. Get along well with him ya Tis. I hope, he will be your last. And please don’t make small things becoming complicated, kay? You need to be more open with him and yourself. Tell him what you want and what you think. Expect less. Like what we have talked before. 🙂


I am grateful to have you as a best friend. A lifetime best friend. Thank you for these 14 years of friendship. I hope it will last forever. Thank you for always being a good listener and sister. Thank you for your concern and care. Thank you for your love and sincerity. I thank you for my whole life. As long as you are happy, I am definitely happy too. XOXO

Happy 21st Birthday! Have a greater year ahead. And please don’t be sick, because I’ll be worried. I’ll see you around sooner, hopefully.

With loves, hugs and kisses. Special for @tishasari :* ({})


The font is brown, since it is her favorite color. So, that’s the end of this post. See ya later on the second list. 🙂


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