Post Teaser: KKN

It’s been a while, pals.

Honestly, I have some drafts to post in the blog, but it has not finished yet. Whether it needs some improvements in the sentences or some images or videos to make it more eye-catching. Thus, I deeply am sorry for that.

It comes to my mind that probably I need to make post teaser, before upload the final post, so I will look more productive, agree? Hahaha. Pardon my grammar if I do not use a proper sentence or word, I’m still a human by the way. :p

Well.. As everyone knows (I suppose!), this year I am going to do KKN (Kuliah-Kerja-Nyata) or Community Service in Bangka. Yes, IT IS SO FAR from Jogja. I formed a group of 8 people at first, that was around November 2013 (quite long!) The members are Adhistia V. Y., Adientya Nur P., Adhikrita Arif P., Dyah Arwinka, Reza G. Satriaji, Wahyu Imam P., Bagas Maulana and of course, me. From 8 people, we have more and more, it was 22 people on April 2014.


Though we had planned everything in detail, like a wise man has ever said, a perfect plan will face an imperfect situation, that’s what we have through till now. A lot of obstacles we try to overcome together. How we barely stayed in the team when everything was in a total chaos. How uni made us weaker and stronger in the same time. How the bound of friendship we have built for the past six months has become much stronger.

I will share everything here. I will tell you the process of this project. I will definitely write every single detail I can remember, from the situation, texts, WhatsApp, thoughts, conversations, and everything. Yet, pardon me if later on I forget some parts, because it has been too long to write everything. Still, I am trying to. 🙂


Above all,

I already love you more than I thought I would..

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