He’s A Best (Guy) Friend A Woman is Truly Grateful to Have #Part1

So? How the title sounds? Expecting something? Haha.Well okay, this post is about my bestfriend whom I have written about three years ago (see: Sepucuk Surat untuk Sahabat). My 2nd post which needs A LOT like really a lot of time to finish! This person I would tell you is the person who had changed my perspective of life–in this case was: Friendship.


Suryo Baskoro aka Oyo

Suryo Baskoro. 22 years.

Oyo, that’s how I called him. I met him in Junior High School. We were in the same class for three years; 7F-8F-9F. Quite long huh? So it was like… 9 years ago? Hahaha. But, in the seventh grade we were barely knew each other closely. If I am not mistaken, we performed together as a Nasyid team to participate like-an-Islamic-event-in-the-school which he played the guitar, while my friends and I were singing. Maybe that was the time we knew each other better. (Well, I forget though the details. Sorry! :B).

When we were in the 8th grade, (I think that was the time we, somehow, shared stories and got closer) we spent a lot of time together with our classmates, singing songs outside the class, laughing at each other’s stories, having lunch and such. Since he was a sociable person, most of the members of class were really close to him–he was even being their (good) listener. So did I. Then, he formed a band which called De Elf with Rebet, Seisar, and Abi.


Mini reunion of De Elf and friends. From left, Oyo, Tita, Seisar, Lita, Rebet, Abi.

And well, the problem appeared when we were in the 9th grade. But, I’d like to tell the whole story in the following post, since it was really heart-breaking as for me. This post is an introduction and a birthday post in disguise hahaha. Yes, today (yesterday) is Oyo’s birthday, September 8th.




I have no time yet to make any special gift for you, so I took a photo when I was flying home which was (fortunately) good enough (I hope!).

May Allah always bless you and your family. May Allah give you the best in everything. May happiness always be with you. May All your dreams come true. Aamiin. And as always, I always congratulate you in the last minute before the day ends, you remember right? Because it is so ordinary to be the first one, so I choose to be the last person congratulating you. LOL. Just excuse, you know me.


Hi, Metallica’s fan, always be better as a person, a student, a son, and a brother ya. Always be you, like I knew you for these many years. Get your happiness, catch your dreams. I will be the first person who always support and help you (I can not promise to always beside you, but I can promise that my prayers always be with you). Be a person who can help others like we always talked about. I know we can be one of those persons. Be a son your mom will proud of and depend on. You are the first person your mom would go to because you are the man she is proud to have after your dad. Respect her more, love her more, listen to her more. She needs you more than you knew, more than she asked, more than she told you. Of course, your beloved dad would proud of you too, because you never fails to make your family and others happy. Pray for him, always. I know that you are an adorable son for them. And be a role model for your sisters. They do not have a daddy’s figure anymore to make them learn about life, except you. Be a grown-up, so they can depend on you more. It is never easy to grow up without dad’s wise words, yet I believe that you can make them realize that life without struggle is like living but not moving. Be good and love them more. Above all, you will always be your parents’ favorite son and your sisters’ favorite brother. πŸ™‚


Oyo and his guitar in action


Oyo and his band, Answer Sheet

Then, as a 9-years-friend of you, there is nothing I want you to be, except be great and be happy everyday. And stay awesome in your band. I hope this friendship remains last. This number 9 will still count and count. From years to years. πŸ˜€

Last but not least,


I never fail to be thankful, more than that, I am a way too grateful to have you as my best (guy) friend. I don’t know what can make me happier than having you (back) as a best friend? It is nothing. So, thank you for always be a good listener, a great complainer, a kind motivator, a dependable brother, and a super partner in crime. Thank you for spending almost half of your age being a friend with me, sharing daily life and love life, and motivating each other to be better. I treasure our friendship like most. I thank you with my whole heart for my whole life. Don’t leave me again, like what you did years ago, kay? Because if anything happens to you, I will be numb and crying (I am not hyperbolic!). Oh, that reminds me.. to apologize if any of my behaviors or words made you annoyed and mad. I am truly sorry, Yo. You know me, that I’d choose your side, always, because I am really afraid that you walk away, again. Indeed, you are a best (guy) friend a woman is truly grateful to have. πŸ™‚

Once again,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OYO! Happy September 8th! Have a greater year ahead!

Here a video for you to enjoy. With love and sincerity for SURYO BASKORO. πŸ˜‰


Then,Β  I will see you when I see you, Yo..


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