Skrips(weet), A Reminder of Getting Older

Well. Sorry to say that I have to postpone the last chapter of previous post (haven’t got the final photos, haha). So, here I am with another new topic: Skripsi.

It is so obvious since I’m in 7th semester that I’m working on my graduating paper. The excitement of writing it is soooo naturally high (I’m not ngeles or being peres, im telling you the truth!). Maybe because I’ve been motivated since several months ago.

Last semester, I wrote the proposal and the title of my graduating paper to be submitted in the department. I was nervous to wait the announcement of my consultant, because the department would let the lecturers choose their students instead. I don’t know whether my prayer was granted or I was just lucky, I have my favorite lecture to be my consultant. WOW! And as a result, it has only been a month, one meeting a week, I’m writing chapter 3 which means I’m quite speedy. LOL.

Well that’s not the case I wanna share, but hopefully you do pray for me and yes I’m just sharing how much I feel grateful that my graduation is just a matter of time (aamiin!).

The thing is that the motivation you have to finish you responsibility of your study. For instance is the graduating paper. When I started to see my consultant, I was told to submit a revision once a week, so I made new folder on my laptop. I chose the name “Skrips(weet)” which means my sweet graduating paper. Yeah I know it sounds cheesy and yuck, but I found out that a lot of people using ‘bad’ name whenever others mention the word skripsi such as “skripshit”, “skripscrewyou” or “skripsusah” and etc. From what I’ve observed, people tend to name it like that because either they don’t like the process of writing it nor they face a lot of obstacle doing it.

Whenever the word ‘S’ is mentioned, almost all of students are upset. Because the small talk begins to be like “Hi wazzup? How’s your skripsi?” or “Hei, apakabar bro? Skripsi udah sampe bab berapa?” or “Bro kapan wisuda bro?”. It is okay if someone was asked once or twice but it happens like… everytime they walk in the campus, all the time, in social media too with no exception! It’s like.. “Shit! How long do they keep asking the fvcking same question!?”. Yep the word now turns to be a taboo, for the 7th semester student.

That’s why, I want to enjoy every process of the writing. I don’t want to be a sceptic person like everyone does. I believe that what we thought something is, it will be like that. I wanna make my graduating paper good and the process is enjoyable. The thing that I keep in mind is that this Skrips(weet) I’m working on is a sign to prepare myself join the real world, a reminder of getting older.

For some reasons, you won’t recognize yourself that you’re getting older. By all means is that you somehow don’t understand that your time is up. The time you have to gain a lot of lessons in uni. You already spend three years in uni, but you feel like you have spare time more if you stay like that. But, when you are overwhelmed, you don’t have any idea that you’re wasting your big opportunity. This semester, you are about 20-21 years old and you’re still enjoying your lazy time to hang out more with friends, play games, earn more money. Next semester is just the same. Your graduating paper and your consultating time are wasted. You don’t do it at all. Even if you do, you do it with your own way. You thought that you still have a lot of time to make it done. You believe you will do it in a flash. So you postpone your hard working till the deadline of your study. And.. the moment you realize that your time is only a split of months before the uni graduation’s schedule, you are screwed up. You already attend your friends’ graduation. One by one, the population of your circle friends are decreased. Some of them tell you that they have found jobs. Others continues their studying in uni overseas. And when you’re counting your age, you realize one biggest point: they left you behind.

Thus, it doesn’t matter if you have to revise your graduating papers over and over again. Or, you have to re-schedule your consultation. Or, you have to go to from one library to another one everyday. Or, you have to stay wide awake to type your next word, next phrase, next sentence, next paragraph or even next page. To pursue one’s happiness is to overcome the obstacles of life. You won’t pursue your happiness if you don’t have any willingness to go one step ahead. Because to be one level ahead, you have to force yourself to walk the extramiles. Nothing good comes, if you don’t work hard. Your age will be much older and your chance will be gone. So, take an action! The world is waiting! Your dreams need to be achieved.

Name your Skripsi folder with a good one. Do it seriously and whole-heartedly. Focus on the deadline. Remember, your age may be your own obstacle if you don’t make your gaduating paper on time. Be wise and be better! XOXO

So, see you on top!


Gonna post the promised ones soon. 😀


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