OMG! Already 2015!


It's already 2015.

I really feel that the day of 2014 passed so fast. It makes me think: ‘did I achieve anything last year?‘ or ‘have I become a better person?‘, and such. I’m gonna make a summary of 2014 on the following post (I do hope I can make it sooner). I also remember that I haven’t finished my post about my best guy friend even I’ve already promised like months ago. So do my KKN stories. Seems like I need to spend several hours every day for writing, rite? My blog needs to be fulfilled with a lot of posts (again). And I have to make a resolution of 2015, one of which is to write on the blog at least twice a week, for instance. LOL. Gonna be fun.

Anyway, 2015 is gonna be a memorable year of the life events.

Can’t wait! ♥


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