A Little Effort, Not?


I’ve promised you a lot of things but first I wanna write this down before it’s too late.
Well, being me, or being a 22-years-more-or-less, without a companion will drive you nuts, in some cases. I’ve actually fed up with the ‘your destined partner will show up when the time is right’ kind of talks. I know. And I DEFINITELY agree. What makes me mad is, honestly, the people who (already) have their companion and make a joke of being no partner in the early twenty like it is the most appropriate thing to say. If the person is your bestfriend, then s/he is forgiven since that’s how you show affection of each other. But, if it’s the not-so-close-acquaintance, you’re better hold your temper before unconsciously slapping her/him. LOL. I’m kidding. Don’t be so serious.

That’s the case which nearly happens in daily life. Plus, it becomes more irritating when you meet your distant relatives in such a family arisan or trah or any related events. Well, they don’t know how hard it is to remove the stain and erase the pain of the heart broken, right? Finding new love is a thing, having the right companion is another thing. I assume that it’s easier to fall in love than to find your right companion or your behalf, if I may say. In the age of early twenty, you may find love is not the most matter thing but still important, as I am. You become so picky in finding your partner. You become more realistic when it comes to love. You become a person who chooses to be without companion, just yet, rather than gives stranger a chance to be your partner.



The answer is so simple. You’re tired to restart the love process. Yes. The love process: meeting someone new, getting to know better, falling in love, bonding a commitment, turning an on-off relationship, finally breaking up, forgetting the ex, and meeting someone new, again. You’re just restarting the process, you know. For what? For telling the SAME story of your life all over again to bloody different person! That’s it. And having what? Having the different reaction, because it’s different person! Does this fact even cross your mind? I do, often.

Honestly, I’m just really tired to even think about the process. I, somehow, wish that my Mr. Right will be someone I knew, either now or many years ago. It’s gonna be relaxing to have some chats reminiscing the old days, I suppose. Isn’t it great to know that the companion you’re always looking for is someone you already knew in the past? That your right partner have crossed your path but you don’t realize until the day? That after all these times it’s been him/her of other people? Oh God, that’s gonna be so intriguing. Hahaha.

My honest reason is.. I barely fall for a complete strange, yet I (will) fall for the one who knows himself, knows what he wants, has a future plan, and the most important thing is.. he makes a many-hours conversation like a minute, a week without meeting like a month, and his companion feel going home; to summarize, he makes me, me. I will save the butterfly-in-my-tummy feeling for the special day, since what I need is not someone who makes me nervous but comfortable for being myself. I have no expectation to be honest, however, recently I’ve thought realistically to whom I’d feel like spending my life with. Then, I realize, maybe he has caught my attention long before. Or maybe it’s another crush? I don’t find I bond any feeling, well.. just yet, perhaps. Well, rather than this, I hope that one right person will really show up. Not only giving me his life, but also asking my dad to have me. :’)


So, are you with me now? Or not?
I assume that a little effort to make ourselves better will gain something. It’ll be no hurt feeling to have a little more effort to make yourselves prettier, smarter, tidier, more successful, more religious, and.. more like you. I know you’ll be jealous over your friends who have their partner whenever they go, but.. be easy. It takes time to meet Mr/s Right. It takes time, but it’s going to be worth it. I’m not gonna tell you to not falling in love. You may, you can, and you should. But, remember that your heart needs a mutual love when caring is the most concerned thing between both parties, not one side. I know that everyone has their own ideal type of life partner, yet I also understand that it will fall into ashes when you’re in love. Love has no boundaries, huh? I must disagree, though. You must THINK: Will your on-off relationship be going anywhere? Does your partner have a feasible plan for HIS future? If both answer is yes, you may go on. Why HIS future not ‘ours‘? Because a man who has his own plan for himself will have a place for you in his future. As simple as that.

In short, love has no feasible future without logic. Whatever people say about being your own companion, just be confident. It drives you nuts, but somehow you’ll manage it as if it’s just a weak wind. Enjoy your own companion before you share to someone else. In my state, I’m enjoying my days with myself, too enjoyable honestly that I often forget how it feels to have a companion. LOL. So, that’s it. If my future (ehem) husband reads this, I hope we’ll find each other’s companion in the right time, if I can say, on the right age (ups).


Dari Path seorang teman.

May you find your own companion as early as you ready, my dearest readers. XOXO.


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