To The 10-Years-and-Still-Counting-Friend

Hi, my best guy whose birthday is today.


I’ve never thought that you’d be my best friend for long. We met 10 years ago in class, trying to know every head of the member closely. I still remember you were the boy who had the widest smile. You made everyone smiling and laughing like crazy. You became the sun in the class, just like your name, Suryo.

It’s our tenth year, if we did not count the 3-plus-2-years-meaningless-fight :p So, it’s supposed to be your tenth birthday since our meeting in JHS. But I know, I’ve never said a proper birthday greeting for you after we graduated. Mind to lemme give another birthday post for you? Hopefully, you read this, Yo.

IMG_0159copyHappy 23, Oyo! You’re getting one year older today. I wish for your continuous happiness in the future. I have no word for you this year, but please believe me that I’d always pray for you.


taken by @ikiwaestudio

                                                    sketched & taken by @ikiwaestudio

Congratulation too, anyway, for ‘that thing’ you mentioned to me when it was already done. You said I was the second person to know (besides your family), since you were being sooooo secretive. I was upset, but the thought of you-finally-made-it was beyond happy. Sorry to mention it here, but you know I always keep what I should keep to myself.

Thank you for always being the best guy in my life. Thank you for listening to my troubles and complaints. In this post I’d say the thing I wrote on my acknowledgement in my graduating thesis:

To the one who always scolds and teases me, but always listens to my endless drama, Suryo Baskoro, I thank him for his encouragement and his companion through my ups and downs during finishing this graduating paper, because his presence means everything.

That… wrap all the gratitude for your existence.


Semoga segala hal yang kamu inginkan, diberi kelancaran. Semoga segala cita yang kamu impikan, diberi jalan. Semoga segala sesuatu yang kamu dambakan, diberikan tepat pada waktunya. Semoga makin kece main gitarnya di Answer Sheet (I’ve missed your performance tho). Semoga rambutnya cepet gondrong kayak yang kamu pengenin. Semoga yang kamu semoga-in cepet ter-aamiin-i dari langit. Aamiin. 🙂

By the way, I’ve missed you and our talks. Been thru a lot, but you seem so busy. Well.. that’s okay I know you’re thinking and doing a lot of things. Remember that you can always count on me. Your high school friends have been asking me, ‘Why did he never tell us anything, like his problems or love life?’ and I said, ‘He is an extrovert-introvert kind of man. He would tell you things when he’s ready. But, I’m really sure your circle is the most precious friends for him to be around with. You guys are in the highest priority list.’ Am I right? Appreciate your friends more, Yo, they are worried about you. You are being loved, Yoo. You have to know that. 😉

See you when I see you. I hope the gift arrives safely. :p


From your 519-kilometers-apart-friend,



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