A Little Effort, Not?


I’ve promised you a lot of things but first I wanna write this down before it’s too late.
Well, being me, or being a 22-years-more-or-less, without a companion will drive you nuts, in some cases. I’ve actually fed up with the ‘your destined partner will show up when the time is right’ kind of talks. I know. And I DEFINITELY agree. What makes me mad is, honestly, the people who (already) have their companion and make a joke of being no partner in the early twenty like it is the most appropriate thing to say. If the person is your bestfriend, then s/he is forgiven since that’s how you show affection of each other. But, if it’s the not-so-close-acquaintance, you’re better hold your temper before unconsciously slapping her/him. LOL. I’m kidding. Don’t be so serious.

That’s the case which nearly happens in daily life. Plus, it becomes more irritating when you meet your distant relatives in such a family arisan or trah or any related events. Well, they don’t know how hard it is to remove the stain and erase the pain of the heart broken, right? Finding new love is a thing, having the right companion is another thing. I assume that it’s easier to fall in love than to find your right companion or your behalf, if I may say. In the age of early twenty, you may find love is not the most matter thing but still important, as I am. You become so picky in finding your partner. You become more realistic when it comes to love. You become a person who chooses to be without companion, just yet, rather than gives stranger a chance to be your partner.

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